Why advertise?

Why advertise?

You are proud of what you have built, and for good reason – it’s your business, your life! Whether you are a new business owner or have been around for awhile, advertising is an investment into your business and your future. It is the way to express to the world what you have built and what you have to share.

Why radio advertising?

Radio advertising offers more opportunities to reach more people more frequently than either television or newspaper. Most people don’t watch TV while they work, so the window of opportunity is limited to the times they do watch. Most people read a newspaper once and then put it aside. One would have to purchase ads over and over to reach those readers again. And, it is not guaranteed they will even read your ad at all.

Radio, on the other hand, is playing while people are at work; while they are driving; while they are outside or in. They have no choice but to hear your advertisement. More importantly, you have the power to decide when and how often they will hear about your business.

Why the X?

Classic Rock 94.5 KRXL is THE station you want to make your advertising dollars work for you. Our professional staff members will work directly with you to develop campaigns and special promotions, to help build awareness of your business, to increase your traffic flow, and most importantly, increase your sales and profits. We want you to succeed.

Our listeners, traditionally, include 25-54 year olds. recently Classic Rock has been exposed to a newer, younger crowd, as witnessed by the astonishing sales of Beatles records and Woodstock DVDs. This younger crowd is sharing the Classics Rock with their parents – Baby Boomers who have higher disposable income. These fans of Classic Rock music are listening to the X as far east as Quincy IL and Hannibal, and as far north as Keokuk, Fort Madison, Ottumwa and Centerville, west to Chillicothe and Trenton and south to Moberly.

KRXL is home to Night in the Morning, our award-winning morning show that has been recognized by Missouri Broadcasters Association. Our dedicated listeners tune in daily for a variety of Classic Rock music. Mike Young brings in the lunch hour with an hour of your requests followed by the Flash Back Pop Quiz. Then Mike brings the tri-states home with the Drive at 5.

Whether you want to introduce your new business to the area or remind everyone why your business is the place they want to be, professional media consultants are here to help. Make the investment into your business’s future with radio advertising on KRXL 94.5 the X.

Call our media consultants today at 660-665-9841.

You want results. The X will get them!